The mission of the Texas Green Chamber of Commerce is to promote sustainable economic development in Texas by advancing public policy initiatives and business practices that foster environmental and social responsibility.

Our efforts are focused on seizing the green advantage by advocating on behalf of environmentally responsible businesses and providing a platform for our members to share knowledge and best practices in workplace sustainability.   An integral component of our mission is to  bring together both business persons already engaged in sustainability initiatives and those who are not yet as knowledgeable or involved in such  efforts.  Our members believe in investing in people, protecting our air, land and water, and  creating long-term profits. We are where profits and values meet.


The Texas Green Chamber of Commerce is presently providing the designation of “Charter Member” to all businesses and organizations that invest in the Chamber through the payment of membership dues through the end of 2012. In addtion to the benefits associated with their level of investment, Charter Members receive:

*Two (2) years of Membership and Investor Benefits for regular
1-year investments

*Permanent Recognition as Charter Member in future TGCC offices

*Permanent Recognition on Charter Members page of TGCC website

To learn more about the benefits of membership in The Texas Green Chamber,
go to Membership